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The Wōden Consortium

Wōden is assembling a consortium of companies that can exclusively collaborate and compete among themselves for Government-funded projects without the red tape that usually goes along Government contracts. Using a little known law, called "Other Transaction Authority" or "OTA," the Defense Department has already spent more than $1 Billion on projects through so-called OTA Consortia and many more opportunities are on the way. Wōden's Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Camron Gorguinpour, led the creation of the Air Force's first OTA Consortium and has trained more than 1,000 government and industry personnel on how to get the greatest value out of OTA. Click the link to learn more about Other Transaction Authority.

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Financing Capital Projects in the U.S. Defense Sector

U.S. Government financial management regulations and personnel typically deter agencies from using private financing to design and implement capital projects. Instead, agencies are pushed to either pay for these improvements upfront or continue maintaining legacy assets regardless of cost. For agencies like the Defense Department, the response to these budgeting rules is often to defer substantive upgrades to their assets, resulting in billions of dollars spent annually on labor, spare parts, and emergency repairs. These are costs that could and should have been avoided. Wōden is leading an effort to provide the Government with the statutory, regulatory, and strategic resources it needs to make sound business decisions for our nation's defense. If you're interested in learning more or joining the cause, please contact Wōden today.