A track record of service and innovation.

Wōden, LLC was founded in 2017 with a shared vision of helping clients design and execute new business models that break down barriers and bring forward world-class innovations.

Camron GorguinpourLach Litwer, and Jody Merritt met while working within the United States Defense Department, where they collaborated on a variety of projects aimed at developing and implementing innovative business models and technologies for the military.

Derek Larson joined the Wōden team in 2019, adding his deep understanding of communications and energy infrastructure to the vision of addressing critical infrastructure needs through innovative business models.

Our motivating insight was that even with acknowledged mutual interest between government and industry to execute a novel business arrangement, there is commonly a deficit in mutual understanding of the business process and deal structure parameters necessary to enable both parties to move forward. Too often, public officials fail to understand or acknowledge the flexibility within their own statutes and regulations, and industry officials frequently present financial constructs that fail to accurately address the practical realities of public activities. Both sides also commonly lack the political flexibility to navigate the numerous internal and external stakeholders and deliver the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.