Wireless Networks

Wōden offers a full spectrum of services related to siting and placement of wireless infrastructure. From towers to backhaul, equipment co-location, and crossings we are prepared to secure the siting required for your network’s next phase of growth with the following services. Please contact us if a service you need isn’t listed.

·      Locate & acquire appropriate locations for raw land tower development

·      Locate & acquire co-location opportunities, for service providers

·      Abstract jurisdictional zoning requirements for tower development

·      Research and report on potential telecommunication sites (private and public)

·      Establish relationships with potential site owners and agencies

·      Research and document search areas and sites

·      Evaluate and recommend lease vs. purchase options

·      Develop market studies

·      Negotiate and facilitate leases and purchases

·      Strategic planning, time line and organization of tower development process

·      Zoning, permitting, and coordination of regulatory consultants

·      Evaluate, recommend, and coordinate engineers and contractors

·      Responsible for regulatory implications -- FCC, FAA, NEPA/SHPO

·      Public presentations – Board of County Commissioners, City Counsel, etc.