Joint Use Audits

Wōden’s joint-use audits include a field inventory of poles with telecommunication, fiber, or other attachments to record location and ownership of each pole. We work closely with utilities to ensure our data collection and project execution is in line with your joint-use program goals. We also communicate with attachers to manage attachment requests, audit payment records, coordinate right-of-way access, develop attachment databases and increase the overall efficiency of the joint-use management process.

NESC Inspections

The National Electric Safety Code (NESC) outlines regulations for safely installing, operating and maintaining joint use attachments. Wōden’s knowledgeable professionals are up-to-date on regulations and will ensure your facilities adhere to NESC standards and identify any attachments that violate these regulations, or are attached to your infrastructure without permission.

Wōden’s administers NESC compliance inspections in conjunction with joint-use audits and other services. By examining ground wires, measuring clearance between attachments and electrical facilities, assessing the mid-span height of wires, and more, Wōden can pinpoint hazardous areas. We collect reliable data to inform you of violations that need to be addressed and can notify you of unauthorized attachments and work to collect back rent payment or other penalties.

Attachment Application and Make Ready Engineering

Wōden’s make-ready engineering services are customized to create a seamless process for both pole owners and attachers. We will review attachment applications to confirm that they meet the pole owner’s requirements, deploy professionals to complete field data collection, and manage the make-ready design and execution.

Our professionals make safety a top priority when evaluating poles for a new attachment. We provide detailed measurements of the pole and cable attachments, and can perform a structural load analysis to ensure a new attachment can be safely added to the pole.

With Wōden’s experience working with wireless service providers, pole owners, and internet service providers, Wōden has a comprehensive set of skills and contacts within several related industries.  Wōden can advocate for your company to these wireless service providers, market your infrastructure to them, and highlight the fast track process for small cell deployment on your poles by bypassing usually difficult obstacles they may face.  These obstacles can be uncooperative pole owners, extensive permit timelines, make ready costs and timelines, and pole owners who are unfamiliar with working with these entities and hesitant to move forward. 

As an advocate for you and your infrastructure, Wōden can consult on what is an issue vs what is normal in the telecommunications industry, how to maximize benefit to you at the cost of the service provider, and facilitate the process for both parties making these projects efficient and beneficial to all parties involved.  These attachments can allow you to upgrade your infrastructure at the service providers cost (pole replacements, upgrade power or fiber to the site, etc) and generate additional monthly revenue in rent for the equipment on the pole and the fiber service to the equipment for those pole owners with an ISP component.

Advocate to Wireless Service Providers