Internet Service Providers

Wōden offers end to end infrastructure and backhaul installation support. From easements and permitting to network design and project management, we are your one stop shop when on time and to spec matter. Please contact us if a service you need isn’t listed.

·    Federal, State, County, and City permitting

·     Building and maintaining relationships with utility companies, communications companies, and jurisdictional contacts at all levels.

·     Land use applications, and all other government permitting required.

·      Permitting management, Construction management, Project management

·     Overseeing construction crews, ensuring accuracy and quality.

·     Utility permitting (PGE, PP&L, CTL, PUDs, etc.)

·     Title research, easement research and procurement

·      Coordinating with contractors, soliciting bids for projects.

·     Field work, measurement taking, report writing, QC and audit work.

·      Site and project analysis.

·     Network design, and problem solving (avoid expensive & time intensive obstacles such as rail roads, federal land, cultural resources, etc.)

·      NJUNS, make ready ticket creation and monitoring, PA tickets, etc.

·     Coordinating joint use for small cell deployments, NJUNS and other related applications.

·     Vendor management, accountability or timelines and product.

·      Forecasting milestones and updating trackers as needed.

·      Field visits, to include meetings and review of feasibility of proposed builds to identify obstacles and serious issues in advance.